Take home brand name products
today and pay over time!

Amazing retail benefits offered by your
employer with no credit check!

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Your Daily Living Perk

Pay Over Time
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Pay Over Time

Enjoy the things you need for home and daily living now. There are no hidden fees and no interest!

Automated Payments
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Automated Payments

Payments are made by payroll deduction through your employer.

 You're Special
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You're Special

We reward your loyalty and service to your employer. There are no credit checks.

Explore exciting retail benefits offered by your employer

Welcome to Retail Benefits!

Retail Benefits – Is an exciting and unique offering that allows for the purchase of premium brand name home furnishings, appliances, and electronics at very competitive prices and allows for these purchases to be made over time via payroll deduction through your employer. Discover the exciting new benefits offered and get the items you need for home and daily living now but pay over time with no interest! Access to Retail Benefits is truly a special perk and is only available through your employer so if your employer is not a Retail Benefits provider, please call us (or ask your HR department) to call us today.

Delivered to Your DoorDelivered to Your Door

Buy your new item and have it delivered directly to your door. The best part is with automatic paycheck deduction you don't have to pay for it up front.

Avoid Late FeesAvoid Late Fees

Because all payments are deducted directly from your check you can avoid late payments and the fees that come with them.

Clear PricingClear Pricing

Unlike some financing options, Retail Benefits makes it simple by showing all costs up front so you know exactly how much you will pay and there is no interest cost!


Become an owner! Buy and receive your products today but pay over time. Become an owner with our one of a kind program that makes ownership possible for everyone.

See the Benefits

Retail Benefits is like a “Flex Spending” retail account and can help you get what you need, when you need it, and gives you the option to pay over- time interest free!

Tenure is Rewarded

The longer you have worked with your company the more you can buy.


All details are clear and up front. There are no hidden fees and no finance changes.

Valuable Benefit

Behind insurance, Retail Benefits will be your most valuable benefit.